Category Best rap mcs of all time

Best rap mcs of all time

Spanning nearly 40 years of hip-hop history, these lines show that MCs have always had a knack for cracking funny jokes, whether it's at their own expense or that of their rivals.

And while some rappers deliver cutting insults, some just like spitting puns that would make the corniest dad proud. Ahead, we've rounded up the funniest rap lyrics ever written. Game might not have the details of Kanye's car accident exactly right. Got a dark skin friend, look like Michael Jackson.

Despite his general persona, Kanye isn't completely serious all the time. Will Smith's reputation as a wholesome rapper got its start with songs like "Parents Just Don't Understand," thanks to PG jokes about pants. That makes you warm.

Tyga, that's not how temperatures work. There is none left. It was salty with butter, and it was def. You proceeded to eat it cos you was in the mood. But homes you did not read it was a can of dog food. In addition to eating a can of dog food, you are also illin' if you order McDonald's at a KFC, forget which sporting event you are attending, and try to hit on a girl despite having terrible breath, according to Run DMC. Turn around, sit down, let 'em bite yo butt.

My diamonds are reckless. It feels like a midget is hanging from my necklace. Ludacris excels at coming up with punchlines like this. I don't have any lines to go right here, so chuby Teletubby. Is Eminem an amazing rapper? But they can't all be "Stan. It tried to eat my cell phone.

best rap mcs of all time

He ran away. Everybody thinks of the line about magnets when they think of this Insane Clown Posse song about miracles and science. It's a shame, really, because that means people sleep on this line.

That's what you're supposed to do. Say what you will about J.Follow Billboard. All rights reserved. Resembling bricks building a wall, the rap cassettes of yesteryear stacked up behind Slim Shady as he took Lowe back in time to when he was collecting tapes as a kid with his friends.

Because when I was a kid, I didn't have money to buy every tape I ever wanted," he said during their video chat. Me and my friends would take turns buying the tape and be like, 'It's your turn to buy this tape and I get to dub it, and then it'll be my turn to buy the next tape.

But I said to myself, 'If I ever make it one day as a rapper, I'm going to get every tape that I always wanted. The Detroit MC continually gauges the rap genre's newcomers and bridges the gap between them and its legends, especially on his Billboard No. After unexpectedly dropping Side B two weeks ago, Eminem unites the likes of Dr. But if he had to pinpoint the best era of hip-hop, he'd bet on the golden age of hip-hop from the '80s to '90s and its pioneers LL Cool JRun-D.

Everyone's going to think their era is the best era, but this really was to me. The golden era of hip-hop was the best era to me just because it was so new," Eminem said. I know that I saw and heard a lot of people say that it wasn't going to be anything. Like it wasn't going to last or whatever. Here we are, what, 40, 50 years later? It's crazy.

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And it's the biggest music, if I'm not mistaken, it's the biggest genre. Search term. Billboard Pro Subscribe Sign In. Top Artists. Top Charts. Hot Songs. Billboard Top Videos.

Top Articles. Glastonbury Festival Announces Cancelation of Event. By Heran Mamo. Copied to clipboard. Click to copy. Artist Mentioned.

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Watch Eminem's interview with Apple Music below. Watch Now.Who would have thought that hip-hop would take it this far? These days, Action Bronson reigns as the undisputed king of the culinary rap style, turning mixtape drops into food-blog fodder for the first time ever. There are poetic odes to the humble foods of the have-nots, boasts about crustacean- and champagne-fueled benders, coke-rap allegories that conflate cooking drugs with cooking meals, and even a whole subgenre of lyrical homages to Benihana.

The clips are cued up so you can press play and listen the lines—this is rap after all, so delivery is crucial. Written by Chris Schonberger cschonberger and Nick Schonberger nschon.

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The lyric: "Come in the hood flippin' the chicken-and-broccoli Timbs. But before it took hold, Big Daddy Kane set the stage by flipping the same poetic concept on a street staple that's always been closer to whip-less New Yorkers' hearts: the Timberland Field Boot.

Given all the ways he could describe this coveted tan-and-green colorway of the shoe, the specificity of his reference is what's striking. You might think chicken and broccoli and immediately imagine a white and green palate, but that's your weak-ass, grilled-poultry lifestyle speaking.

If Big Daddy Kane was coming through the 'hood to show out in his new kicks, he was probably also eating 'hood Chinese food, including stir-fried chicken and broccoli drenched in oyster sauce. The setup to the punchline reveals his self-consciousness about being respected for his skills, but in this case, the ingenious pun absolutely delivers. A whip, of course, is a car, and Yeezy is saying his white Benz is miraculous. Ultimately, he appears to be the hip-hop version of those famished cartoon characters that hallucinate the next meal everywhere they look.

Within his oddball descriptions, a vast knowledge of world cheeses comes in handy. But what's amazing is that his partner, B-Legit, bests him by aping his style and kicking it to new levels on this classic cut. Just take another listen: He rhymes the Dutch cheese with chalupa, for goodness' sake! We defy you to find another MC who exploits food to describe stacking paper with such aplomb. Joell Ortiz feat. The lyric: "What you know 'bout shark meat, perch, and tilapia?

This absurdist boast is already perfect on its own, but then Dro follows it up with this: "Alligator, dog meat, caviar—we mafia. You are the biggest scrub in the building. There's no denying that Bronson has ushered in a new era of food in rap, bringing a true gourmand's vocabulary and sensibility to the art of rhyming.

Still, while reference to tweezered parsley, lamb brains, and ribiola get food nerds going, going too niche has been the downfall of many lyrically gifted MCs, and Bronson's shining moments comes when he bridges the "wow, he's a foodie rapper!

The Bam Bam brand of braggadocio is on full throttle here, offering a knowing nod to his appeal outside the rap game and referencing poutine poutine! Those layers are what great hip-hop is made of. The lyrics speak to the specific culinary interests of Buff Love, Kool Rock-Ski, and Prince Markie Dee—these include whole pizzas for one and lots of beef franks, but definitely no damn lettuce.

The conflation of violence with pasta is a brilliant device, adding layers of poetic nuance to the pretty basic idea of blowing someone's brains out at an Italian restaurant. As Fab explains on Rap Geniusthe line hinges on the slang term noodle, meaning brain. Using different guns he can put different types of holes in your head, almost like the various settings on a pasta-maker. In this context, "Italian [food]" becomes short hand for mafioso-inspired conflict settlement.

If you step to Fab, it's not long before your head will be face down in a bowl of marinara—or is it your own blood!? A purist probably wouldn't call these dishes separate "courses," but in a rap landscape littered with throwaway references to mobster eats, this one stuck in the popular consciousness.

But when he came roaring out the gates with this line on his verse from this legendary posse cut with the Lox, NO.Follow Billboard. All rights reserved. The idea of releasing new music worried many artists at the start of spring, as uncertainty was at an all-time high.

How they be able to maneuver? Would people care? Those questions lingered heavily but didn't stop rap's momentum. Though the dust has yet to settle, many hip-hop stars flipped the script and have feverishly released albums to keep their fans satiated. Burden of Proof is nothing short of a victory lap. Benny the Butcher comes out swinging and keeps steady blows coming for all 12 rounds of the album. This year, Bagg rocketed to rap's elite with his ambitious effort Time Served.

After blazing a trail with his Heartless mixtape series, MoneyBagg emerged into a real contender with this track collection. It should be no surprise that the late Pittsburgh rapper doesn't have a lot of that to offer on Circlesbut what he does have to offer, over warm Jon Brion arrangements, is maybe more rewarding anyway -- a feeling of calm after the storm, not of serenity necessarily, but one of the hardest-earned stability.

He says "Today I'm fine," and you believe him. He says "Do not be afraid," and y ou take his word for it. Nas's 13th studio album, King's Diseaseis a happy medium for the old school and new rap fans. By teaming up with producer Hit-Boy, Nas sounds bouncy and rejuvenated. Providing valuable lessons in self-care for the self-professed headasses out there, Open Mike Eagle's Anime, Trauma and Divorce is equal parts confession and affirmation.

The rapper's admissions about middle age-expanded waistbands and Netflix-ruined marriages, delivered over downbeat and tenderly soulful productions, feel heavy but never quite burdensome -- instead offering a comforting, knowing hand on the shoulder of anyone Going Through S--t during a cartoonishly difficult year. On July 16, Logic announced that his new album, No Pressurewould be his last before retirement.

From there, he let the music do the talking, as usual. Though Westside Gunn isn't the most potent lyricist from his Griselda Camp, his penchant for slick street talk and colorful collaborations outshines his counterparts. Flair," it's hard to dismiss Gunn's musicality on Pray 4 Paris. While fans cherish and preserve Juice WRLD as their angel speaking to them from above, the late rapper confronts his demons on his first posthumous album Legends Never Die.

After building a fanbase with her torrid freestyles on Instagram, Chika doled out her seven-track mini-opus at the top of The minute EP finds the year-old hopscotching her way through music industry fluff.

By seamlessly swerving through rookie mistakes "Industry Games"Chika soars as a lyrical skywalker "Songs About You". The co-signs are aplenty, as she lands nods from Jay-Z and Diddy for her wordplay, but it's her ability to nimbly switch gears from rapping to singing that makes this EP such an exciting listen.

But the stars of the show are still Savage, playing both the set's protagonist and antagonist with equal aplomb, and Metro, directing the proceedings with Ridley Scott precision and Tony Scott explosiveness.

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They're not exactly going Back to the Future, but it's not surprising that Jay Electronica and silent partner Jay-Z would still need to fire up the flux capacitor to get in the mode for A Written Testimonyone of the longest-anticipated debut albums in hip-hop history. Listening to the two Jays on this set, you couldn't necessarily tell which is the Hall of Fame veteran and which is the hungry protege with something to prove -- both MCs sound locked in and voracious throughout, whether going interstellar with Travis Scott on "The Blinding" or getting biblical with The-Dream on "Ezekiel's Wheel," feeding off each other's gigawatts of energy to keep pushing harder, pulling deeper.

A decade-awaited freshman LP that actually exceeds expectation? Great Scott! Baby earned his stripes in the rap game with his sophomore album My Turnwhich debuted at No.Hip-hop's origin as the soundtrack of New York City block parties is well known, but no one could have predicted where the genre would go in just 40 years.

Init became America's most popular genre in total consumptionaccording to Nielsen, and it has grown globallytoo, dominating the streaming era and molding the rest of pop music in its image.

At the core of rap is the Black American experience, something that these musicians have been painstakingly documenting for years. From the gritty streets of Compton that birthed N. Whether you're looking for fuel for a workout playlist, old school throwbacks to dance to, or songs that help deepen your understanding of the world around you, hip-hop has all the bases covered.

It's impossible to capture the full creative breadth and cultural importance of this music, but this list of some of the best hip-hop songs of all time will get you off to a strong start. While his rags-to-riches story ended in tragedy after a fatal shooting, Biggie's star burned bright enough that he's still topping all-time lists well into the s.

Bonus points are owed for the absolutely off-the-walls sci-fi music video. The single was perhaps the purest nexus of Cube's razor sharp political mind and his mainstream charisma.

It's a song that plays at parties and vigils, in packed arenas and out of car speakers, one that will likely soundtrack many revolutions to come. Drake's knack for smooth pop hooks made him a superstar, but his gift for autobiographical raps has won him approval in more traditional hip-hop circles. Jackson" is a sobering and candid meditation on love, parenting, and the aftermath of rocky relationships. Earning double platinum certification"A Milli" is like a rap decathlon, with Wayne switching flows and deliveries at will.

This heady, jazzy joint made The Pharcyde beloved in alternative rap circles. Each verse deals with the sting of unrequited feelings with with candor and humor that make the song hold up phenomenally well to this day. RZA's beat, which sounded vintage even back inhas been sampled and freestyled over dozens of times.

Eminem's debut single captured everything that made him an incendiary and transfixing figure. Packed into four-and-a-half minutes was pitch black humor, impressive technical skills, and more celebrity references than a grocery store tabloid. The Detroit rapper went on to have bigger songs, but even if you're an Eminem skeptic today, listening to "My Name Is" serves as an instant reminder of why he's dominated music for more than two decades.

It became a perfect stage for West to tell his story, filled with vivid details and the kind of deprecating charm we haven't seen from him much recently. Having Dr. Dre and Eminem in his corner gave 50 instant pedigree, but his persona was all his own. In recent years, the song has rightly received acclaim as one of the great pop songs in modern music history.

It also happens to be one of Jay-Z's absolute best songs to catch live. From the moment N. Smooth's "They Reminisce Over You" is a touching tribute to lost friends and the impact they leave behind. Pusha and Malice, the brothers who made up the group, were endlessly inventive in their depiction of Virginia Beach trafficking, setting the stage for a critically acclaimed career. The instrumental, all pounding percussion that could easily be emulated on a school cafeteria table, remains one of Pharrell's finest.

InQueen Latifah became the first woman rapper to win the Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance for the song, and it remains not only groundbreaking thematically, but one of the most rousing tracks of the '90s. The track's depiction of police brutality sadly has only gotten more relevant as the years have gone on. Packed with pop culture references and clever internal rhymes, Ghostface Killah's opening verse is breathtaking.

The song's repeated use of homophobic language is upsetting, but it's hard to talk about the history of conscious rap without acknowledging the groundbreaking qualities of "The Message. The first collaboration between Ludacris and Pharrell made Atlanta seem both like the city of the future and a haven of old school comforts.Rapping or rhymingspitting[1] emceeing[2] or MCing [2] [3] is a musical form of vocal delivery that incorporates "rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular", [4] which is performed or chanted in a variety of ways, usually over a backing beat or musical accompaniment.

The earliest precursor to modern rap is the West African griot tradition, in which "oral historians", or "praise-singers", would disseminate oral traditions and genealogies, or use their rhetorical techniques for gossip or to "praise or critique individuals. Rap is usually delivered over a beattypically provided by a DJturntablistbeatboxeror performed a cappella without accompaniment.

The 30 Funniest Rap Lyrics of All Time

Stylistically, rap occupies a gray area between speech, prose, poetry, and singing. The word, which predates the musical form, originally meant "to lightly strike", [10] and is now used to describe quick speech or repartee.

It was part of the African American dialect of English in the s meaning "to converse", and very soon after that in its present usage as a term denoting the musical style. The English verb rap has various meanings, these include "to strike, especially with a quick, smart, or light blow", [13] as well "to utter sharply or vigorously: to rap out a command". By the late s, when Hubert G. Brown changed his name to H. Rap Brownrap was a slang term referring to an oration or speech, such as was common among the "hip" crowd in the protest movements, but it did not come to be associated with a musical style for another decade.

That's what rapping is, it's in the way you talk. Rapping can be traced back to its African roots. Centuries before hip-hop music existed, the griots of West Africa were delivering stories rhythmicallyover drums and sparse instrumentation.

50 Best Hip-Hop Songs That Capture the Genre's History

Such connections have been acknowledged by many modern artists, modern day "griots", spoken word artists, mainstream news sources, and academics. Bluesrooted in the work songs and spirituals of slavery and influenced greatly by West African musical traditions, was first played by black Americans around the time of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Jazzwhich developed from the blues and other African-American and European musical traditions and originated around the beginning of the 20th century, has also influenced hip hop and has been cited as a precursor of hip hop.

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Not just jazz music and lyrics but also jazz poetry. According to John Sobol, the jazz musician and poet who wrote Digitopia Bluesrap "bears a striking resemblance to the evolution of jazz both stylistically and formally". A comparable tradition is the patter song exemplified by Gilbert and Sullivan but that has origins in earlier Italian opera.

In musical theater, the term " vamp " is identical to its meaning in jazz, gospel, and funk, and it fulfills the same function. Semi-spoken music has long been especially popular in British entertainment, and such examples as David Croft's theme to the s sitcom Are You Being Served? Although these probably did not have a direct influence on rap's development in the African-American cultural sphere, they paved the way for acceptance of spoken word music in the media market, as well as providing a broader backdrop, in a range of cultural contexts distinct from that of the African American experience, upon which rapping could later be grafted.

With the decline of disco in the early s rap became a new form of expression. Rap arose from musical experimentation with rhyming, rhythmic speech.

best rap mcs of all time

Rap was a departure from disco. Sherley Anne Williams refers to the development of rap as "anti-Disco" in style and means of reproduction. The early productions of Rap after Disco sought a more simplified manner of producing the tracks they were to sing over. Williams explains how Rap composers and DJ's opposed the heavily orchestrated and ritzy multi-tracks of Disco for "break beats" which were created from compiling different records from numerous genres and did not require the equipment from professional recording studios.

Professional studios were not necessary therefore opening the production of rap to the youth who as Williams explains felt "locked out" because of the capital needed to produce Disco records. More directly related to the African-American community were items like schoolyard chants and taunts, clapping games[31] jump-rope rhymessome with unwritten folk histories going back hundreds of years across many nationalities.

Sometimes these items contain racially offensive lyrics. Art forms such as spoken word jazz poetry and comedy records had an influence on the first rappers.We created PredictWise because we thought it would be interesting and informative for people to better understand the likelihood of certain major events occurring, and to have that information presented in a manner that is easy to comprehend.

Famous Rappers On Why Eminem Is The Greatest Of All Time

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best rap mcs of all time

But the climate system is incredibly complex, and as a result there is disagreement about how best to model key aspects of it.