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Hazar khamba mahal kha hai

You know that you have done a lot and still want to do more because the work done to achieve your ambition is not enough to fit in to your house of dreams.

Life is too long but too short for time, time passes from your hand as water from hand. Children have no time to play but to finish loads of homework assigned to them,Youths have no quality time for social gathering and learning,Wives have no time for anything apart from their work and home jobs. All are too busy to achieve something from their liveswhat they want is all temporary as after death all they take is their soul then why they are running?

But they take things for granted and have no respect for time, they passes their time by just waiting for some miracle to happen and change their monotonous life pattern. Some people have a lot of money but no time to spend it where as some have lot of time to waste but no money to buy their dreams.

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Time is the most valuable thing in our life then why to let gotry to hold as much as you can. Its true you cannot hold sand in your hand but when that sand slips from your hand it leaves some impression or particles behind in your hands.

Zindgee merey kadmo ko jaisey padkar baith gaye ho jaey, Ek sukhey pathey ki tarah Zameen kee gili dhool main fas gaye ho dharkaney jaisey Ek pathjar si zindgee key kuch haseen paal gir gayey ho jaiese or ek thooth pair bankey rah gaya hoo main jaise. Phir koshisho kee patli door ko padktey hue kuch ko kiner khichney kee koshish kee, Bahar nikalney pay kuch pal patto or kagaz keey tarah bikarey zameen par padey dekhey mainey,Inhey dekh kay kuch anso palko say esey bahey kee sarey paney bah gaye or jo patey they baki wo namkeen say ho gayey, Socha bahoot kee kaya sameto is namkeen patto ko or keya chalo us rah par jahan phir un yaddo key kagzo ko dhond pao or jo kho gaya tha kahee use phir dhond pao, shayad kudh ko phir say pahan pao….

Har kisey ko apna dost bana liya humney or shayad gairo kee kee zagah ab bakee na rahee thee shayad, Maut say kee bewafai hum naey aur gumsar zingee ko apnayashayad maut say dosti hui nahe thee or zindagee say ab bhi kuch umeed baki thee shayad ab bhi.

Pata tha ki yeh zindagee daga baz hai Ek din dhokha degeyee. Sab nay mujhey mery kareb akar chodha Sab ney mujhey tab tak chaha jab tak Unko mai smajh ayajo smajh gayey, Warna kai to pagal smajh kar agay chal diye.

Dil nay khaha zoor say ab kheeh aur chal Jin jin say phoolo ki umeed thee unlogo nay mujhey kanto ka haar pahnayaOr khaha kee to to nagfani key raha hoo, Phool keyu tumko day… Kya karogey phoolo ka, Kantey hai achey lagtey hai tum par….

Ispay ankho nay kee chalki or dil say pocha or hogaee gili…. Zindgaee ki sachaee bahoot paheley smajh gaya tha shayad main, Par kisey nay mujhey muskurakar phir rulaya diyaToh kisey nay zindgee bhar ka gum daker tukhtaya diya. Kai hase, kai rukey or chal diyey, kuch toh mujhey chutkulo kee ketab ka kitab day gaye to kuch tublight ka label laga key tahakey martey chal diye…. Rota hoo par phir kush hoo keyuki aaj phir mai gira hoo Aur maerey saath koi nahee jo mujhey thamkar uthey, phir keyu mai kush hoo, keyuki ab bhi mai zinda hoo.

Mai aaj phir gira hoo or sambhla bhi hooMeri kastee aaj phir kisey kinarey mai dobhi hai, Jahan par is bar pani tha hi nahe ya phir kum tha, pata nahe, sokhi zameen key rait key sagar main main merey navan khan aapahuchi…. Mai jeeta nahee mai hara hoo par phir bhi kadam merey larkharey nahee. Keyuki mai janta hoo ki isey ka naam zingee hai jismai kabhii dhoop hai to kahee chaw hai.

Darta hoo Sapno say, phir dekhta hoo, andehra nahe pasand mujhey par taro ke chacha or humerey chanda mama say dosti hai, jab sooraj dobta hai to sirf taro say or chand say mulakat ho hi jatey hai….

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Girtey sabhi hai zindage main, chot lagte hai sabhi ko par gir key khahey hokar agay badhney ka naam hii zindagee hai. Pharak nahe padta kee aap tanha hoo ya hazoro kee bheedh main, phar padhta hai us raftar say zissey app agey badhtey hai…. It was a just normal day for me. I never knew it could be a day of remembrance in my memory. It was the first touch phone and I was one of the few people who had purchased it.Disclaimer: All efforts have been made to make this image accurate.

However Compare Infobase Limited and its directors do not own any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of the same.

Maps of India - India's No. Uttar Pradesh Cities. Map of Uttar Pradesh in Hindi. Railway Time Table. History of Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh Map. Proposed New States. Agra Lucknow Expressway. Yamuna Expressway. Varanasi Airport. Lucknow Airport. Lucknow Metro Map. Noida Metro Map. Varanasi Metro Map Proposed. Industries in UP. Thermal Power Plants. UP Government. Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh. Hotels in Uttar Pradesh.A pristine polished sandstone Topra Ashokan pillar from the 3rd century BC rises from the palace's crumbling remains, one of many pillars of Ashoka left by the Mauryan emperor; it was moved from Topra Kalan in Pong Ghati of Yamunanagar district in Haryana to Delhi under orders of Firoz Shah Tughlaq of Delhi Sultanate, and re-erected in its present location in The original inscription on the obelisk is primarily in Brahmi script but language was Prakrit, with some Pali and Sanskrit added later.

The inscription was successfully translated in by James Prinsep. Feroz Shah Tughlaq r. Kotla literally means fortress or citadel. The It was installed on a three-tiered arcaded pavilion near the congregational mosque, inside the Sultanate's fort.

In centuries that followed, much of the structure and buildings near it were destroyed as subsequent rulers dismantled them and reused the spolia as building materials. In the pre-independence era, due to lack of auditoriums in the capital, most classical music performances were staged here or at Qutub complex.

Jami Masjid is one of the most ancient and largest surviving mosque and monument, still in use. Architecturally it was built on a series of underground cells made of quartzite stone, covered with limestone. It is surrounded by a large courtyard with cloisters and a Prayer Hall. The Prayer Hall now in complete ruins was once used by the Royal Ladies. The masjid and its architecture is an example of Tughluq architecture. The entrance of Jami Masjid lies on the northern side.

It is connected by a causeway to the pyramidal structure of the Ashokan Pillar. This mosque was visited by Sultan Timur in AD to say his prayers. He was spellbound by its beauty and constructed a mosque in Samarkand in Mawarannahr imitating the design of this Masjid. Ashokan Pillar at Firoz Shah Kotla as it stands today. This pillar, however, was unfortunately broken into five pieces after it was damaged during an explosion. The pillar was neglected for a century up till when after the Revolt of Raja Hindu Rao took charge to transfer the Ashokan Pillar's broken pieces to Kolkata's Asiatic Society.

Within a year, the structure was put together and re-established. Both the Ashokan Pillars were carefully wrapped with cotton silk and were kept on a bed of reed made of raw silk. These were hence transported on a massive carriage attached with 42 wheels and drawn meticulously by men from their original places to Delhi by Feroz Shah Tughlaq to avoid any damage during the journey. Upon reaching Delhi, they were then transported on huge boats to their final destination, one within Feroz Shah Kotla and the other on the ridge near Delhi University and Bara Hindu Rao Hospital.

The Sultanate had wanted to break and reuse the Ashokan pillar for a minaret. Firoz Shah Tuhglaq, however, decided to erect it near the mosque instead. At the time of re-installation of the obelisk in Delhi, inno one knew the meaning of the script engraved in the stone. About five hundred years later, the script Brahmi was deciphered by James Prinsep in with help from scripts discovered on other pillars and tablets in South Asia. The inscription on the 3rd-century pillar describes King Devanampiya Piyadasi's [9] policies and appeal to the people and future generations of the kingdom in matters of dharma just, virtuous lifemoral precepts and freedoms.

Some extracts of the translation, per James Prinsepare as follows: [1]. Along the highroads I have caused fig trees to be planted that they may be for shade to animals and men And let these and others the most skillful in the sacred offices discreetly and respectfully use their most persuasive efforts, acting on the heart and eyes of the children, to impart enthusiasm and instruction in the dharma religion. And whatsoever benevolent acts have been done by me, the same shall be prescribed as duties to the people who follow after me, and in this manner shall their influence and increase be manifest — by service to father and mother, by service to spiritual pastors, by respectful demeanor to the aged and full of years, by kindness to learn, to the orphan and destitute and servants and minstrel tribe.

And religion increaseth among men by two separate processes — by the performance of religious offices, and by security against persecution. And that religion may be free from the persecution of men, that it may increase through the absolute prohibition to put to death any living beings or sacrifice aught that draweth breath. For such an object is all this done, that it may endure to my sons and sons' sons — as long the sun and the moon shall last.

Let stone pillars be prepared and let this edict of dharma religion be engraved thereon, that it may endure unto the remotest ages.Tulga OcakF.

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MatthewsJ. Mark G. SaigalK. Cherif BassiouniM. Govinda PaiM. SeitzRichard LiboffRichard N. Ayam are Kuwaiti citizens of Iranian origin, who migrated to Kuwait over the last couple of hundred years. A Study on Iranian Theatre is Bahram Beyzai's seminal research on theater in the Persian world from the ancient times to the twentieth century. Lychnikoff, adapted from the short story by Yiyun Li and shot on a high-end high-definition video camera. Abul Kasem Fazlul Huq 26 October —27 April ; was a Bengali lawyer, legislator and statesman in the 20th century.

Abbas is revered by Shia Muslims for his loyalty to his half-brother Hussein, his respect for the Households of Muhammad, and his role in the Battle of Karbala. He was praised for his "handsome looks". Abd al-Qadir al-Maraghi b. The Abdal are a socio-cultural group found mainly in central and western Anatolia, who follow an itinerant lifestyle. Abdal-Latif Mirza, c. February 17, — July 25, was an Egyptian existentialist professor of philosophy and poet.

Nawab Abdul Ghani Saheb was a notable figure in the western Indian city of Kolhapur, located in the state of Maharashtra. A Pashtun nationalist from Kakar tribe of Kandahar, Afghanistan, he began as a young teacher who made his way up to become a writer, scholar, politician and Dean of Faculty of Literature at Kabul University.

He is the author of over books but is best known for editing Pata Khazana, an "old" Pashto language manuscript that he claimed to have "discovered" in ; the academic community, however, does not acknowledge the manuscript as genuine. Abdul Majeed Khwaja —an Indian lawyer, educationist, social reformer and freedom fighter, was born at Aligarh, a small but historically significant town in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Abdul Masih, — was an Indian indigenous missionary, an ordained Anglican and Lutheran minister, as well as a religious author.

Abdul Matlib Mazumdar — was an Indian freedom fighter and political leader based in undivided Assam State. Abdul Qavi Desnavi 1 November — 7 July was an Indian Urdu language writer, critic, bibliographer and linguist. He became the Amir of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam in and, inhe issued a fatwa which declared that a female ruler is haraam. During his lifetime, Hazrat established five hundred and patronised four thousand madaris.

Hazrat commenced the memorization of the Qur'an at the age of nine and completed it at the age of eleven. By the age of eighteen, he had completed his studies in Arabic, Persian, and hadith and acquired a sanad in hadith from Moulana Muhammad Siddeeq Hajipuri.

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Hazrat then became a murid of Moulana Ghulam Muhammad Dinpuri.The history of Bharatpur dates back to 5th century BC, when the Matsya kingdom flourished here. The Matsyas were allies of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata war. Legends say that the origin of the name Bharatpur is traced to Bharat, younger brother of Lord Ram.

Laxman, the other brother, was given the most prestigious position as that of the family deity of the ruling family of Bharatpur.

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His name also appears in the state seals and coat-of-arms. In the early 18th century, Maharaja Suraj Mal captured the fort of Bharatpur by vanquishing Khemkaran, the rival chieftain and laid the foundation for Bharatpur. The valiant Maharaja was very keen to expand the cities and is credited with building the numerous forts and palaces that dot the kingdom, including the Pleasure Palace Complex at Deeg.

Named after the dense jungle that surrounded an old Shiva Temple, this 29 square kilometre man-made wetland is renowned for migratory birds — ducks, geese, waders, raptors, flycatchers and more. In winter, avid birders and ornithologists flock to the park to observe and study the feathered beauties.

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With more than recorded species, KNP used to also host the Siberian crane. It is a World Heritage Site. Come explore the wonders and sites that Bharatpur has to offer.

Located within the premises of the Bharatpur Palace is Kamra Khas, a museum that contains a vast number of antiques, over stone sculptures, local art and craft wares and ancient scriptures that depict the art and culture typical of Bharatpur.

The palace itself was built in stages by various Maharajas and is a fine fusion of Mughal and Rajput architecture. The various apartments in the palace have a variety of richly patterned floor tiles decorated with exquisite designs. The Ganga Mandir, which resides in the heart of the city of Bharatpur is one of the most beautiful temples in Rajasthan.

हजार खम्भा महल का निर्माण किस शासक ने करवाया था ?

In it lies the magnificent deity of Ganga Maharaj made of pristine white marble. Maharaja Balwant Singh started constructing this temple in the midth century.

This temple is dedicated to Laxman, brother of Lord Rama, and is famous for its typical Rajasthani style of architecture and beautiful pink stonework. Visitors will enjoy the intricate carvings of flowers and birds on doorways, ceilings, pillars, walls and arches. Every year, thousands of migratory waterfowl birds such as green sandpiper and cranes visit the park during winter.

It was created in mid 18th century as a small reservoir located 5 kilometres to the southeast of Bharatpur. The Keoladeo Ghana National Park is considered to be one of the richest bird areas in the world today. True to its name, Lohagarh Fort has withstood many attacks by the British, but was ultimately captured by Arthur Wellesley. Where Lohagarh Fort differs from others is that it is not flamboyant, but radiates an aura of rugged strength.

The fort is surrounded by a moat which used to be filled with water to keep enemies out. Deeg is a beautiful garden town situated north of Bharatpur. It has many embellished palaces that add to the beauty of the place. Known for its forts, palaces, gardens and fountains, the highlight of Deeg is an impressive fort surrounded by moats and gateways. It was built by Raja Suraj Mal and stands over a slightly elevated point.

Although the interiors are almost in ruins, the watch tower containing a gun still maintains watch over the city. Band Baretha is an old wildlife reserve of the rulers of Bharatpur, currently under the administration of the Forest Department.To browse Academia.

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Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. A genuine poet, like a genuine leader and teacher, is one who can change the circumstances of his society by changing the thinking and outlook of the people around. His message may even rise higher than the level of the society, even a nation, and may expand the afect many socities and nations.

His message may outlive the times it was delivered in. Poetic art without beautiful and high thoughts or vice versa makes no poetry. For a poet, who is at the same time also a philosopher, the problem of fulilling the demands of art becomes all the more diicult; to make philosophy sing is an enormously arduous job.

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Iqbal has succeeded in doing so. Ordinary poets like ordinary politicians try to gain immediate popularity. For this purpose they try to echo the demand whatever it is of the populace. No poet with such a low ambition can give birth to high poetry. Were it not for translation, the English-speaking world would not have heard of Homer and Ovid, Puskin and Tolstoy, Goethe and Nietzsche, Dante and Petrarch, or Khayyam and Rumi, and a vast number of other writers, the very idea of translation, however, has never been free of controversy.

Apart from a wide philological gulf that exists between Urdu and English, these languages represent entirely diferent cultures. In a literal translation, what makes Urdu poetry lyrically soar high would turn into some driest bunch of words thrown together. Iqbal was great poet in the continent of Asia; who shared aspirations, which had deepest roots in the soul of Muslims made every sensitive Muslim of the world felt universally through inarticulately.

He spoke on behalf of the soul of the Qaum and all its poignant and earnest aspirations, and provided the ummah with a place of its own the map of the world to germinate, to grow and to prosper. In his poetry, had numerous streams of his experiences of the ummah spread over fourteen hundred years.Stay at HOME. Login Register. Kaman Map. Edit below overview about Kaman OverView of Kaman know you that kaman town is a historical place. It belongs to Bharatpur Division. It is a Tehsil head quarter.

Kaman Pin code is and postal head office is Kamanlsg. Mathura District Nandgaon is North towards this place. It is near to the Uttar Pradesh State Border. Demographics of Kaman Hindi is the Local Language here. ATMs in Kaman,Kaman. Cinema Theaters in Kaman,Kaman. Masjid Aqsa Ghaghwari; Rajasthan ; India Karmooka Masjid Karmooka; Rajasthan ; India Hotels ,Lodges in Kaman,Kaman.

Ayyub Khan Mob. Center Kulyana; Rajasthan ; India Hospitals in Kaman,Kaman. Hospital; Kaithwara Kethwada; Rajasthan ; India Hospital ; Dabak Dawak; Rajasthan ; India Government Hospital Roopwas; Rajasthan ; India Colleges in Kaman,Kaman. Schools in Kaman,Kaman. Electronic Shops in Kaman,Kaman. Super Markets in Kaman,Kaman. Local Parks in Kaman,Kaman. Police Stations near Kaman,Kaman. Governement Offices near Kaman,Kaman.

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