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Lumintop gt nano manual

We may earn affiliate commissions through our links, which help support our testing. Instead of using a traditional reflector, it uses a TIR optic. The packaging is relatively simple.

Inside you can find the following things:. With the lack of knurling on the body, it does feel a bit slippery. Please keep in mind that, although you can unscrew the tailcap to insert the battery, you should remove the body from the head to insert it. Please make sure, when you unscrew the tailcap, to tighten it as much as possible. The switch is located in the tailcap and is the same as the one they used on the other FW series flashlights. This is an e-switch with a switch button made of aluminum.

You can also replace it with a Turbo Glow button that some stores sell. This is pretty neat. By default, the light gets shipped with a stainless steel pocket clip attached.

You can remove it and replace it with a cigar grip rubber ring. I probably attached it the wrong way, but you get the point. The clip is made of stainless steel, and the threads are well lubed. The only gripe I have is with the clip. The space between the body or head and the clip is very narrow.

I would have preferred a wider gap. It would be best if you bent the clip slightly with a finger to attach it to your pants or a belt. The gap is just a little too narrow. Please make sure that after you remove the pocket clip, the light still works. I needed to do some troubleshooting. I found out it was the tailcap that caused the trouble.

Then it worked again.

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So if you come across the same problem, where the light will only have 1 mode dimthe tailcap is probably the trouble maker. The spill is smooth without any visible rings or artifacts. For now, this looks like a great thrower with some auspicious features. Dimensions compared some of the most popular and best flashlight throwers.Read on for some thoughts and testing!


The GT Nano looks exactly like you want it to look. What I would like to know from Lumintop though, is if the serial number can be used to tell if the light has an aluminum pcb first iteration or copper pcb updated iteration.

The head has some thin cooling fins, and the body toward the head has some thicker cooling fins, too.

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A very nice light. I reviewed the aluminum version of that light in both 35 and 70 format. And just because it was a fun way to involve some family around my house, I took some photos of an American Girl doll which suits the scale of this tiny light perfectly! No other means of carry is included with the GT Nano. There is no pocket clip, no magnet, and no pouch. The Lumintop GT Nano is powered by a single lithium ion cell.

What ships and is intended for the light is a single cell — a tiny cell! These are rated at 80mAh capacity, which is a tiny capacity.

ASTROLUX MF05 - World's longest beam!!!! 2,500,000cd LED flashlight - Holy s***!!!!

Here are a couple of runtimes. These runtimes are very short but, again, this is an 80mAh cell. However, being that a cell has the same diameter as an AAA cell, and thus same diameter as a cell, I went searching for a tube that might fit, and also accept cells. I found one! This is the Nitefox K3 which I reviewed and is still available on amazon — referral link!

lumintop gt nano manual

It screws in perfectly. And not only that, but it suits the overall aesthetic of the GT Nano series perfectly, too! I went ahead and tested a couple of runtimes with this setup, because I wondered, just like you probably do.

Also note that the manual says the GT Nano draw 2. But what this statement seems to mean is that a can only output 2. So a cell has a higher max discharge, and you might experience some blue output. If you do, cease use of that cell. Read below for max current data. The GT Nano also has a charge adapter.

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The plastic dome on the top below actually has charge indicators, too. Red for charging, and green for charging complete. Charging is a reasonable 0. Charge is very consistent, and terminates reliably at 4. Both very good things. I like this charging enough that I can say unequivocally that I support purchase of the GT Nano just for use with charging your other lights!!

Narsil has PWM on moonlight left and 2 other intermediate modes. Also one of the very first lights I ordered directly from China! The user interface is a single side clicky.Monstrous, extreme flashlights of Lumintop GT model line are long-lasting forum project.

At the time of release, of course, but they still are on the very TOP. Then GT line continued with the more familiar Mini and Micro and in GT Nano it reached functional and size limit that is so close to the the absurdity.

I am sure that the review will be interesting at least from an entertaining and educational point of view, even if you have no interest in buying this tiniest long-range flashlight. A thick-walled cardboard box with modest design. But this is well-known Lumintop design modesty, and not sign of noname low-quality. The main feature of the models powered by batteries is their tiny size. And believe me, the flashlight is incredibly tiny. Let me remind you what the very first flashlight in the series looked like.

It is on the left. On the right, by the way, is the incredibly bright Imalent MS12 flashlight review. Despite the fact that Lumintop is only the manufacturer of the GT series the development lies on the shoulders of forum enthusiaststhey used to create awesome small flashlight even when what they did in full-size format was just boring and poor.

In short. Technically, this is the same recognizable GT, but on a nano scale. Sort of flashlight bonsai that looks so impressive that my wife, completely indifferent to flashlights, insists on replacing some old AAA -keylight with this one. When she knew that it is just 52mm long, she told that GT Nano would always remind her of me. There is a battery inside, the smallest li-ion cylindrical standard I know.

Alas, the downside of these tiny sizes is an insignificant capacity. In this case, only 80mah. Low capacity means low charging current, so it will take you a little over an hour to fully charge the battery.

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The tail is flat, the flashlight canI tailstand. But i dont see any reason you need this ability. The button is really large for overall size. Perhaps like in way larger powered flashlghts. It is soft, bulging, with a deep perceptible click and has really dim backlight. It seems that there were complaints about the buttons in the GT Micro. I did not face any problems when was playing with GT nano for a couple of weeks of making this review.

Lumintop GT Nano

The head is huge in relation to the overall dimensions of the flashlgiht. It even has purely decorative cooling ribs. Why decorative?

lumintop gt nano manual

Check runtime chats below. Reflector is deep and smooth, looks like a bell. It has both giant for flashlight size brightness of lumens and throw of candelas. Outwardly, the flashlight looks impressive, immediately attracts the eye with unusual proportions for this size. In terms of gift, it is definitely suitable. Narsil, you can read more about it in the review of its huge older brother Lumintop GT Locks and unlock modes and a choice of stepless aka ramping and stepped brightness adjustment.

In general, you can use it as is, taking minutes to read the manual.

lumintop gt nano manual

It is not that complicated like Anduril. Cold white light.Introducing the brand new GT Nano from Lumintop. This one is a super fresh import into Australia. Featuring a m throw from this tiny little package just over 50mm long! Instant access to a 2. Bought this on a bit of a lark, but it's actually a little fire-cracker! Cheers Chris, glad your adorable yet powerful GT Nano is being put to multiple great uses! Appreciate your review!

Cheers, Mitch. GT Nano is now my favourite "wow" torch, and I was supper happy with the level of customer service I received from Adventure Carry. Will definitely look to purchase from them in the future, very satisfied customer. Really appreciate your review Michael! Glad you're enjoying your GT Nano. It sure has a Wow factor. Adventure Carry's service was crazy fast and very friendly. They even included a hand written thank you note with the purchase which was shipped first thing in the morning after a midnight buy.

The light itself is great, its the smallest torch I own but has a crazy long throw for the size.

Lumintop GT Nano

Fits in the watch pocket of your jeans and can light up the house at the end of your street. We like getting orders out quickly to our customers.

Glad you're enjoying your GT Nano! It's pretty amazing. I can highly recommend Adventure Carry, excellent service and very prompt delivery. Happy with my purchase. For such a small EDC it has incredible output and throw. Thank you for your review! Wonderful communication and the added personal touch makes the transaction so much better.We may earn affiliate commissions through our links, which help support our testing. Another Lumintop GT? Again a thrower? Yes to both of them.

I mean, a whole lot smaller. The box basically fits in the palm of your hand. Very small and very cute. Heck, it looks even a bit toyish. I could imagine most people thinking this is just some sort of toy. Really, it can throw farther than many other flashlights, albeit for a very, very short time. The body of the flashlight is also really short and small.

Holding the light is fun though. The switch is an electronic switch, combined with the NarsilM v1. How that works can be read in the User Interface section, later on. Everyone in my household was interested in it and were glad to take it off my hands.

Because the GT Nano is so small, it has only 2 parts, the body including tailcap and the head. Both parts are anodized, including the threads.

TG, which is a 1mm LED with a very high surface intensity. The LED sits in a relatively deep very deep for its size and wide, smooth reflector.

Check out my measurements below to find out what distance I beam distance I measured. Its bezel is made of aluminum and anodized black, just like the rest of the flashlight. Underneath the bezel is an AR coated glass lens to maximize passing light through.Remember Me? Front Page What's New?

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Here the link of the company and here the link of the product. The GT Nano is capable of delivering lm to the Turbo with a light intensity of cd i.

The interface is fully programmable and customizable thanks to the NarsilM v1. The electronic button on the side of the flashlight allows you to access all the different functions of the GT Nano. This is rubbered, slightly protruding and single stroke. A bit uncomfortable to activate even if it is particularly large when compared to the size of the flashlight. It happened to me a couple of times that during the quick clicks to access some functions, a few clicks were lost along the way but after a while this problem did not manifest itself: probably the switch only needed to be softened with the use.

The head is about 25mm wide, and has small and deep dissipation fins. Other dissipation fins, thicker than the previous ones, are present near the switch. The heat, even at the Turbo, never reaches too high temperatures. However, there is a thermal stepdown when using the Turbo several times consecutively. The body also features a knurled part The lens is of quality, thick and with the classic anti-reflective treatment. The reflector is wide, very deep and highly polished.

The lettering is well done and present only on the central part of the body, near the switch, with the model and serial number. The threads are sliding, well lubricated, anodized on both sides and therefore the physical lock-out of the interface is allowed. An O-ring placed near the thread prevents water from penetrating inside the battery compartment. The tailcap is flat and allows the use of the flashlight in tailstanding.

The presence of a small hole allows the attachment of a wrist strap. The battery is recharged through the use of an additional accessory supplied, a sort of brass charging head.

lumintop gt nano manual

This is screwed directly onto the body of the GT Nano and thanks to the presence of the micro USB port it allows the small cell to be recharged. In the upper part there is a status LED that lights up green when charging is complete or red during the charging phase. It takes about 1 hour to fully charge the battery. The charging current is approximately mA. The small has the capacity of 80mAh. At the negative pole we have a small spring, at the positive pole there is a protruding button The GT Nano is really very small!!

And it's especially fun to use too.More details. Availability date:. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. TGajunge la o putere maxima de lumeni, iar intensitatea lui atinge candele! Reflectorul lanternei este realizat din aliaj de aluminiu aviatic, si are o suprafata lucioasa ce este realizat impecabil. Operarea lanternei se realizeaza prin butonul aflat la baza capului lanternei, un buton din cauciuc iluminat. Lanterna detine un singur acumulator Fundul capacului este plat astfel lanterna poate fi folosita si pentru iluminarea unei incaperi.

Diametrul capului este de 2. Lumintop BLF GT NANO este una din cele mai performante lanterne cu bataie lunga, care este realizat impecabil, iar setarile multiple vor satisface si cele mai exigente cereri ale utilizatorilor.

Recomandari inainte de utilizare: - incarcati acumulatorul din lanterna odata ce indicatorul led din buton va semnaliza acest lucru; palpairi repetate al ledului rosu, scaderi in intensitate si eventual oprirea lanterei in timpul functionarii. In conditii de utilizare normala temperatura poate trece usor de 50C, in acest caz utilizati lanterna la o intensitate scazuta, pentru prevenirea accidentarii. Daca acest mod nu a fost accesat corect, pentru a iesi incetati apasarea butonul astfel lanterna se va opri, iar apasand pentru 4 secunde butonul palpairea lanternei se va opri.

Pentru scaderea intensitatii tineti apasat butonul pana ce lanterna atinge intensitatea dorita. Pentru oprire apasati scurt butonul lanternei. In timpul functionarii doar cateva palpairi va emite butonul, in rest va ramane stinsa. Realizarea cu succes a operatiunii se va confirma printr-o palpaire. Realizarea cu succes a operatiunii va fi confirmat prin patru palpairi. In acest mod schimbarea treptelor se va face printr-o simpla apasare a butonului lanternei. Anunta-ma cand este disponibil.

Cantitate The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Adauga in cos.